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Writer & web guy from Pittsburgh, PA. Xbox360 gamertag - cryanathus

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  1. Commented on Metal Gear Solid Rising – Jun 2nd, 8:08 AM
    As someone who now only owns a 360, I'm pleased. I do still want to grab a PS3 someday for the MGS I've missed, but that's on a very eventual to-do l... (see comment)
  2. Commented on Final Fantasy VII for PSP, PSN – Jun 2nd, 8:05 AM
    Possibly true, I suppose we'll have to wait for people's response to find out. I think those who played it back in 97 and hold it in their hearts as ... (see comment)
  3. Commented on Metal Gear Solid Rising – Jun 2nd, 7:59 AM
    Well I pretty much think the world over would agree that the Japanese are far superior to the rest of the planet.... (see comment)
  4. Commented on Metal Gear Solid Rising – Jun 1st, 9:58 PM
    I'm glad you put that list together. You try writing after an 11 hour work day :P Though I did amend my comment. Thanks.... (see comment)
  5. Commented on The Hardest Game of All Time – May 30th, 5:01 PM
    Yeah, I personally have to throw my votes to Mega Man titles or Silver Surfer. Both make me cry.... (see comment)