Rumor: Google will buy Valve “any second now”

by matt on September 17th, 2008Industry News

There has been some talk about how Google plans to get into the video game industry. Forbes has even said it is a good possibility.

With any rumor, comes more rumors. The Inquirer believes Google could start with an already established company rather than creating their own and apparently Valve is at their crosshairs. Valve, developer of Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress 2, Steam is a company I would certainly call well established.

The Inquirer is not just suggesting this could happen, but have “well placed sources” saying it could happen at “any second now”. What do you think this will do to the video game industry? If it is anything like the YouTube buyout (service/products unchanged) then go for it Google.

UPDATE: Google refuses to comment

UPDATE #2: Valve: Rumors of Google Buy-Out Are ‘Complete Fabrication’

Source: The Inquirer

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  1. I wonder, should i go buy some Valve?

    or go with Activision?

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